TOP speaking english: (GD) T.O.P! T.O.P! ~T.O.P right here! ~LET’S GO! ~I’m T.O.P ~I’m from Korea… KOREA (≧Д≦)ノ ~calm down… ~YES SIR! ~high quality ~yeah… you got it. I’m on my way *dramatic music* ~Hey mister Black. Doctor Hong has been terminated. He didn’t have it either… I think the TOOK it ≖_≖ Keep me in the loop ~yeaaaahhh… this is Las Vegaaaas ~I love you too (GD) Which member do you think is uhm… momma’s boy? (Seungri) I think T.O.P ~You’re not o.O? ~neva stop explorin. neva stop dremin. the nors face ~I’m rapper T.O.P. I’m RAP. Yooo… choomTOP! Come on, come on! choomTOP! COME ON, COME ON! Ò.Ó SAY CHOOMTOP *crowd* choom top! SAY CHOOMTOP! CHOOMTOP come on, COME ON щ(゚Д゚щ) hurry, check y’all! ~see ya. see ya bro.

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*he didnt have it eider